Fitspiration: Packers Vs. Pats

This weekend will represent a HUGE turning point in our marriage. 

:: Gisele + Mini Brady Fan ::

Our teams are finally going head to head. Matt is a diehard Packers fan and I am a Tom Brady Gisele Patriots fan. It's going to be tense to say the least. I am SO excited for the showdown on Sunday!!

On a fitness level I have been so inspired by Gisele's instagram account. It's clear she is a yoga devotee - girlfriend WORKS for that billion dollar bod! I LOVE under armour's I WILL WHAT I WANT campaign. Very empowered messaging that the world around you will always be critical, complementary, constructive but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is what you take in. A Great message that I'm constantly reminding myself of. 

Wish us luck on Sunday!! Have a great weekend!