Fitspiration: Beyonce

This week I was sick for a bit which was a total bummer.

I pride myself on never, ever - ever getting sick... so when it happens I really don't take it well. In fact I even bragged in a post once about how I never get sick. When I do fall under the weather I usually push myself too hard too fast and end up getting laryngitis. For two days there I absolutely could not talk - which for some people around me must have been a nice change for once!

I get really hard on myself when I need to take time off from my clients and from my own workout schedule. I feel like I've let people down whenever I need to cancel sessions and It's just in my nature to want to move and be productive so when I can't do that I get sad.  

I came across this on pinterest and suddenly my spirits were lifted:

So true!

There's going to be times I'm sick for sure and at least I can tell myself now that at least I didn't break my foot again!

Plus I was able to get caught up on 24 and the Bachelor Canada - OMG I could not believe Tim's final pick. Funny story - Matt knew Tim pretty well in University. I've met him once and thought he was a nice guy. So when we found out he was the Bachelor we both started watching the show for the very first time. In the beginning I was soooooo bored, couldn't wait for the show to be over. But about 4 episodes in I became completely hooked - like yelling at the screen hooked. Anyway in the end the main thing is they look really happy together. Trish seemed pretty wonderful though, just saying.

I hope you all have a wonderful WARM weekend! Thanks for your great comments and interaction this week :o)!