This week I signed on an 89 year old client this week and I'm OBSESSED with her.

Here's the story. I got a call from Elaine on Wednesday – she left a voice mail saying she was interested in a personal trainer. I could tell from her voice that she was over 18 but had no idea what I was in for. I started to call her back to let her know that I was too busy and couldn't take on another client… then she told me she was 89! Wow! So impressive that she's calling me looking for a personal trainer. As soon as I heard that I knew that I needed to meet her. In University I took an exercise and aging class and really loved it so that was a good start off point for exercise ideas and plan development. Her goals are simple – she wants to improve her balance for the winter ahead and get in and out of chairs with more ease. SO great. SO inspiring… I hope I'll be calling trainers at 89.

We've had two sessions already and she's just the cutest little lady ever. I feel like I am her contemporary … Matt always calls me his little 80 year old. Love her.

She has inspired me SO much this week.

Over the weekend I'm going to check out my friend Garnet's new Body Art class tonight!! I've had a preview of this workout and it's SO cool – a mix of yoga, Pilates, dance-ish, sweaty, hot fun fun fun. You can find Garnet here! And information about the class and times here.

Have a great one!!