Tonight marks the start of a six weekend Pilates reformer intensive training course in Port Credit. Yippie!! 

I took my Pilates mat teacher training last winter and now I am SO excited to finalize my reformer training with my friend and fellow Pilatesite Garnet. We are taking our training at Second Wind Pilates plus with Garnet's mat teacher trainer Danielle Belec. When I first met Garnet we quickly set up a Pilates playdate together. As a teacher he blew me away, I knew he had been trained incredibly well. Garnet has a sound understanding of the biomechanics of the body that I really had never seen before. I love the way he actually moves with his clients through their session. He is very hands on - like me - and I love that! Garnet raves about his teacher Danielle and I'm looking forward to meeting her later tonight. Together we will battle the GO train to Port Credit! I can't wait.