The countdown is officially on! I have three more sleeps until I will be in Whistler for summit and I can't WAIT!

It will be so incredible to meet fitness leaders from around the world and do fun workouts with them! All I know is that there will be trail running, yoga and massages!! Oh and we are staying at the Four Seasons there ekk! Insane! This is my first business conference ever and I have a feeling it's going to be pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to sharing photos and updates here when I'm back. While I'm away check me out on instagram for any live updates!

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:: Me on a Pilates ladder barrel ::

The ladder barrel is an often forgotten piece of Pilates equipment but it is one of my favourite tools to play on. Just last week I signed up for a eight weekend long course on it and the reformer so I figured I better start getting used to it! I love to stretch over it, around it, on it. There are so many cool things you can do on it! I had some free time before Bod Squad and decided to try scorpion – a yoga pose – on the barrel. Miraculously I only fell once!