:: Tessa and Scott … the reason why I got nothing got done this week! ::

What a week! I along with probably at least half of the population of Canada (at least the females haha!) fell completely in love all over again with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. In the last two days I have spent every spare moment watching their reality show. Wow. So obessed!! They just seem like such nice people. And I want to be their friend! They seriously have to get married and make skating babies right away!! Wait no, not until they do another Olympics. I know they are older for skating but the US team that won is three years older than they are … so what's one more year after that? If you are by any small chance reading this Tess and Scott please know that the "real world" really isn't all that exciting!! Olympic training is wayyy cooler but I can appreciate why they would want to end on a high note. They made me proud to be a Canadian and their skating is truly wonderful to watch. 

These past Olympics have been so inspiring to watch especially as a Canadian. The women's hockey game yesterday was a total nail bitter. I was lucky to catch the last few minutes while running and I'm glad I kept the tv on! That comeback was insane. I hope the men play like girls later on today!

:: Pretty pants! ::

Is it just me or do new workout clothes make you want to workout that much more? Yesterday I popped into my local lululemon and bought these amazing tights. I love them! I also tried on their new post-yoga workout skirt!! WOW! I didn't end up getting it but I am now thinking I should have. It is so pretty!

:: Bod Squad at lululemon on Wednesday night ::

Happy TGIF everyone! I hope you had a great week and got your 100 minutes of cardio and 100 minutes of strength and circuit training done. I am almost there! One more workout today and that will put me over! Thanks to everyone who came out to Bod Squad on Wednesday night. It was a great workout and I enjoyed gliding with you!!