:: Paleo diet craze: What's Right and Wrong About Eating like a Caveman ::

An interesting take on the Paleo diet. I've seen friends have huge success with this diet. Personally I think Paleo is a great guide for a lot of people but you need to do what works for you. The key to healthy living is everything in moderation - including moderation! This food pyramid is pretty cool though! I like the fact that cheese is included… but where is the chocolate?!?


:: How to make your own face serum ::

My friend Britt from Fine Tune Pilates has some grade A skin and swears by her own homemade skin serum. Making this is on my weekend to-do list! Creating your own brew will save you a fortune and it is nice to know exactly what goes into your skincare.

:: Kelly Ripa's Abs from her workout here ::

Kelly Ripa is ripped-a! She is in insane shape and no wonder – the woman works out for at least two hours a day. Nice! She is a power lady and I love that. Her trainer Anna Kaiser used to work for Tracy Anderson but then branched off to start her own workout (with more than 3 lbs weights!). 

:: Is Coffee the new Sports Drink? ::

Coffee might not be as dehydrating as we thought! New research suggests it actually counts toward your 8 cups of water a day.

:: NFL Seattle Seahawk is deaf and heading for the Superbowl:: 

Just another reason why I LOVE football. Just an incredible story ... I hope they win now!