Last night's Bod Squad was a proud moment!! 14 people came out to play in the pouring wet weather. We rolled around in mud and did some rain dancing. It was a lot of fun and really speaks to how amazing this group of people is … you won't let anything stop you!

Because of this awesome rainy weather we've had for our last 5/5 Bod Squad groups I've done a lot of stair running to keep everyone dry-ish!! 

I've run these stairs with four groups of bod squads totalling 38 times this week!! My calves are just starting to feel ok today! In order to be able to walk like a normal person I've been doing a lot of stretching and yoga lately. One of my youtube yoga gods – Yogi Nora – posted this really awesome video that finally got me to understand how it would be possible to do a split side plank … stand on the foot, so simple!!

New life goal:

And then maybe one day I'll get here …. amazing! Happy father's day everyone ღ