This week at Bod Squad was absolutely fitspirational! 

Our karma must be super strong because somehow the weather was perfect for us at every class!! Only a light sprinkle of rain to keep us cool. Whew! I've been loving mixing up our workouts with some circuit training. It's been great to hook up my rings and TRX to trees and workout just like we would inside but with more space to sprint over picnic tables!

Bod Squad is evolving nicely and I honestly think this year is the best crowd yet, I'm loving their energy and dedication. It's impressive to already see changes in fitness ability in three weeks, I'm so proud of these guys!

There is still space in the June & July classes, we would love to have you come join us!

Meet a Bod Squader: Aniela

:: How a hand model handles Bod Squad! #noexcuses! :: 

Aniela is one of the most beautiful people I know on the inside and out. She's a supermodel by day and a rockstar yoga and Pilates teacher by night. We took our Pilates training together and she is an absolute superstar. Aniela understands bodies and really has a keen eye for training and form. I can't wait to take some of her classes this summer! Check my facebook page for Aniela's class schedule, I'll let you know when I'll be at her class!

One of the hazards of a job as a model is that your hands need to look great at all times. Solution: gloves!! I love how Aniela always comes to class wearing her gloves, they make her look seriously hardcore and keep the paws perfect!

Aniela is a pleasure to train and one of the many amazing people you will meet at Bod Squad. I love that work out time feels more like play time with this group, they're focused and still manage to have a ton of fun!! 

Have a great weekend everyone