This week marked the end of my March Madness sessions at Lululemon!

:: Last class at lululemon!::

These classes were my fitspiration for the month. I LOVE them! The energy at the store was so awesome. I'm truly going to miss Wednesdays with these wonderful people but I think a lot of them will be coming back to Bod Squad so I can't wait to sweat with them again!!

:: The champs that made it to all four Bod Squads at lululemon!! ::

This week has been crazy hectic! I've set a personal goal to try to run a sub-40 minute 10k at the Sporting Life race in May. I've been trying to run everyday but life keeps popping up! So far I've managed to run four times this week and I'm hoping for at least two more this weekend. My realistic goal is 5-6x per week which hopefully will get me racing ready!