Greatness vs. skill

I LOVE this video and often watch it from time to time when I'm needing a little motivation. Will Smith speaks like a preacher here and it's amazing. His message that talent is something you have naturally where skill takes hours to work at your craft really resonates with me. Your talent will fail you if you are not skilled. So good!

I've found that this couldn't be more true for trainers and for business people. If you're a talented athlete that will basically get you to only about 10% of what the job of a trainer requires. The other 90% takes real skill – learning how to read people, creating new workouts, knowing when to push and when to put on the breaks, when to cheer on and when to make someone get serious and focus. It's an art that truly takes tons of practice to do well and right. I'm far from perfect but I'm the best trainer that I know of and I would hire me in a heartbeat. Having that kind of confidence in your skill is so critical and key for success. No matter what you're doing, be skillful, believe in yourself and the best that you know of at it.

If you are a trainer or thinking of becoming one or even thinking of starting your own business you need to believe that your voice matters right away and that you are skillful at your job. When you are telling other people what to do you need to have a ton of conviction in what and how you direct them. Have a plan, keep constant contact – eyes always on, and practice what you preach are my top three helpers here. These can really be applied to any job but in my case I train people twice my age with crazy intense jobs and I'm there, a 24 year old girl telling them what to do and they listen! It's wild and I LOVE it!! 

There is absolutely no reason to believe you're not skillful if you are giving your job your all 100% of the time. Your clients will enjoy seeing your progress and growth, they want to be better with you. And like Will says, your life will become better by making other people's lives better. It is so much better to give than it is to get. My job allows me to give everyday in the best way I know how. 

This absolutely is my Plan A. I know I will have Plan A – 2.0 and likely Plan A – 3.0 but I know that I will never take this for granted and I will constantly be working at being better for my clients but most importantly for myself. 

Be better.

Be skillful.

Believe in yourselves!