Ambassador Eddie

Last night my friend and potential future family member Eddie was named lululemon's latest ambassador!!

:: Run Club muscle ups + Matt and Eddie embrace - thanks Maeve for the photo! ::

I often get asked what it takes to be and make a great ambassador for lululemon. Here's the thing - it is all about having integrity and relationship building. Eddie is not the first person I have suggested would be a great ambassador for the store, it is pretty intense selection process that he passed with flying colours. They will not make you an ambassador overnight - it took me six months of dedicated effort the first time! Their selection process is totally worth it in my opinion. They end up with the best of the best that way.

I often hear from people who would like to be an ambassador that they went online and filled out an application and never heard back from anyone so they just figured they would end their quest right there. Here's a secret - that will not work! It starts with relationships, a store is going to invest in you - they want to know you. This might sound like a wild concept but you need to get offline and actually make in person real connections. You have to go into the store and actually talk to people! If there is more than one store close to you pick one to make your home base. Remember names and participate in the awesome free workouts they offer - get to know your community. 

When I first became an ambassador three years ago, stores were asking trainers to do one-off workout classes - I asked if I could run a month series and they were floored that I wanted to do that many! The benefit of this for me was that I grew my business by letting people really get a sense of me and it also I think demonstrated to lululemon that I'm not a flake! 

One of the most CRITICAL things about ambassadorship and really running your own business in general is that you MUST MUST MUST be on freaking time. Especially in fitness. If you are not 10 minutes early to an event you are running then you are five minutes late. Also you can't show up to a class and teach while you're still showcasing your Saturday night eye-makeup and vodka perfume! You have to be on-brand. That doesn't mean you need to wear lululemon all the time - one thing I LOVE about this company is that they never force you to be exclusive, they want you to wear what you would always wear because they are always looking for ideas and feedback, if we wear something they aren't making yet then they want to know why - love that. 

They also want to get to know your community and see you in action with how you interact with them. That doesn't mean that all of your friends need to be size 4 lululemon models - actually they would definitely prefer the opposite! It is all about building and growing together. 

And you can't flake out. You can't cancel an event with them last minute - it just won't fly. I also see some bigger businesses and trainers using lululemon to support their charity events almost exclusively. While that's awesome you also need to remember that they get 1000 requests for various charitable events a week. If you want them to giveback to your cause then it should just be a given that you should give back to them.

Being an ambassador has completely enriched my life. It goes beyond just growing my business, the opportunities that lululemon has given me have 100% made me a better person. I am SO grateful to them for that. I am looking forward to having Eddie on board. I know he will make an amazing ambassador - next stop photoshoots! Congratulations Eddie!!

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Athletes of the Month

When I think of these two one word comes to mind: integrity.

:: Michael and Hannah ::

5:40 am sharp I meet with this father daughter duo twice a week for super intense workout sessions. They never miss. Ever! I love that. Just one of the many reasons why they've been successful in their workouts and beyond!

Hannah and Michael totally deserve this award because they are such hard workers, they never say no and are always willing to try whatever crazy thing I have dreamed up for them. And to boot they are really fun and cute together! A trainer's dream duo! 

Michael and I have been training together for three years - Hannah joined in this fall and has been an awesome addition. She keeps her Dad on his toes!! I can always count on Hannah to let us know when Michael might not have perfect form! Although, at the hill sprints last week Michael did finally beat Hannah! A feat I'm sure she will be reminded of for years to come!! 

Hannah starts a new job next week and I know we are going to miss her big time! We will have to Skype you in at your desk!

Congratulations to Hannah and Michael - You rock!

Interview on the run

1. What do you like most about the workouts?

Michael (M): I love the intensity of them, and I love that over the past three years I don't recall ever doing the same workout twice. And I love that Christie makes me laugh, we have fun!

Hannah (H): I love that we're always doing something new - I don't think we've ever done the same workout twice! Christie always keeps it fun and exciting (and extremely challenging!).

2. WHAT Is your favourite exercise?

M: Christie's legs for days workout is my favourite - although my legs might disagree!

H: I like using the TRX - it's fun and Christie always has  anew (crazy) way to use it!

3. Least favourite exercise?

M: Burpees.

H: Hill sprints ... probably because I had to watch my 56 year old father beat me.

4. You get us so early in the morning to workout!! Any tips for those who struggle with that?

H: Find a trainer like Christie! I've never met someone who has so much energy and enthusiasm at 5:30 AM. Also a solid workout buddy who is counting on you to be there is key.

M: Make it a habit, and go to bed early. Discovery of your mornings is eye opening.

5. What is in your post workout shake?

M: This serves 3: 9 ice cubes, a veggie and fruit pre-chopped mixture, spinach, two scoops of protein powder, half cup almond milk, half cup POM juice, a shot of liquid ginger - it's delicious!

6. What is the best thing about having a workout buddy? Especially a family member?

M: Hannah motivates me so much. She is just awesome!! And, she lets me win every now and then.

H: The motivation factor for sure. And, having a family member is even better because it gives me something to brag about at the dinner table!

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Bod Squad Awards

Last night I hosted the first ever Bod Squad Awards picnic! 

It was a beautiful night with awesome people. I told the group before handing out the individual awards that one of the most happily surprising things about starting this business was having the opportunity to meet such incredible people.

There is this quote I love that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with so choose wisely. I might be a tad biased but I would happily put bod squaders in my top five. I love their positivity, energy and how they support each other. I consider it an honour and a privilege to get to teach them but the truth is most of the time they are really teaching me.

Last night was a great celebration of a year's worth of blood sweat and tears! They earned it!

Matt and I are already brainstorming for next year's picnic!! We see big things! Thank you to those that were with us in person and in spirit last night! 

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Marching On


Sunday is officially the start of March and I couldn't be MORE excited to enter the spring months.

This year has been punishingly cold BUT I think what really gets me down is all the negativity in the winter months. The first thing we all do is talk about how much we freaking hate winter and that alone can be more draining than the actual winteryness outside. So enough! I'm not complaining or even acknowledging it anymore! Because it's MARCH on Sunday! That fact alone has been my fitspiration this week. Soon we should see + in the forecast again!! Yipiee!!

:: Matt and I in Venice, Italy November 2011 ::

In other weekend news - tomorrow is Matt's 29th birthday! We are looking forward to celebrating with a dinner and play tonight PLUS a little get together tomorrow with a few close friends. I have already made his favourite homemade snickers bars. These are sinful once a year treats that he totally deserves! Matt is by FAR the healthiest person in our little family! He makes fun of my sweet tooth constantly! And having Matt as a work buddy and regular bod squader totally motivates me and it is just one of the many reasons why I consider myself SO lucky to be his wife. Just last week I was able to drop Matt off at work (a rarity with early morning clients) but whenever I can I'm happy to save him a wintery bike ride! When he got out of the car and looked back at me with a smile I had a warm feeling that reminded that we really do have something super special. I love him and can't wait to celebrate with my old man this weekend!

Have a great one guys!

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Seek Discomfort

Modern life is a really cushy place.

If it's cold out - we turn up the heat, if you're thirsty - you turn on the tap five meters away from you and grab a glass of water, if you're hungry - just open the fridge or walk across the street to the nearest convenience store and buy yourself a chocolate bar. We have almost completely eliminated all daily discomforts that once plagued society for centuries.

So naturally when we go to the gym and your trainer asks you to be uncomfortable for a minute or two we instantly back off, stop completely, take a rest, grab water, do anything but relish in the discomfort. GUYS - this is the magic moment: I like to call this place the progress point. The fine line between discomfort and pain is actually a lot more thick than we let ourselves believe! 

I know that one of the most beautiful things about fitness is that it can instantly reveal a person's character. It's a chance for us all to not only toughen up or external appearance but perhaps even MORE importantly toughen up our inner core personality. 

If you're doing a workout correctly it should be FREAKING HARD! Some of them might chip away a tiny little piece of your soul but you know what, if you build back from it then it's only going to get stronger in the long run. At least twice a week, if you're able bodied and healthy you should try to stretch your limits and go for it - seek discomfort. When it arrives welcome it and own it. You are bigger than every single exercise you will ever do, don't let anything get the better of you. If it's not perfect the first 500x you do it then guess what - that's completely normal and ok! The most important thing you can do is ask yourself to be just a little bit better every chance you get.

If you always stay in your comfort zone you will never see the kind of progress and potential that you're fully capable of. Change will NOT happen overnight but stick with it. If you're not comfortable with the uncomfortable then you're not an athlete yet!  Own it: Seek Discomfort.

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Vogue Fit: The Year of No Excuses

When Equinox launched this video two years ago it completely transformed the way I looked at yoga. 

and more...

 ... and more with Briohny's husband Dice!

It is absolutely incredible what a well trained yoga body can do. It inspired me to take my yoga training and dedication to that training up a notch. To take challenging classes and push myself further with inversions. I no longer look at yoga as a "break" but as a another opportunity for fitness growth. I have learned to love yoga and practice at least twice a week now on top of my training. 

:: via ::

Yesterday Vogue Fit launched this year of no excuses video featuring Briohny Smyth from the equinox video campaign again. Of course I LOVED it. It is wonderful and amazing to see the whole world rally around health and fitness. It's no longer "in vogue" to be rail thin and smoke a pack a day but to be healthy an push your limits. So great.

This weekend we are hosting a vegan dinner party tonight and celebrating our 7 year anniversary on Saturday. Matt and I have decided to keep our dating anniversary and start again at 0 this year. We love having something to look forward to this time of year and it's pretty special to think back to the beginning of how we came to be a we! 
Hope you all have a lovely and warm weekend!! 

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Athlete of the Month: Elaine

When I first heard the voice of Elaine Slater I was driving (bluetooth!) listening to my voicemail. I heard her request for a personal trainer and by the time I got home I decided that I couldn't take her on, my schedule was already overfilled and I was looking to add more classes. I gave her a call back to see if I could refer her to a friend of mine. When we connected I was absolutely shocked when I heard she was 89!

It's not everyday you meet an 89 year old looking for a personal trainer! I had to meet this lady. I was upfront and honest that I've only taken courses on how to train seniors... she would be my virgin voyage. Elaine agreed to put up with me and we scheduled her first session.

Her goals are simple but significant - she wants to maintain her independence, keep up with her adorable dog Tuxie  (a black mini Pomeranian with a white stripe down his chest) and build strength in her legs. I took out my old Kinesiology note books and started drawing up her plan. 

Every time I train with Elaine I learn something absolutely magical about the lady. For example, I mentioned Jane Fonda once, she knows her! After a few sessions I googled her to find out the real scoop on my shy determined client. Turns out she is a playwright and a novelist with an incredible and impressive history. Check out her website!

If there is a constant theme in Elaine's life it's that no matter what she's done she has always been a go-getter! When she moved from New York with her husband and young family to Toronto in the 1960s Elaine said she quickly grew tired of waiting at home for everyone to get back so she decided to start a needlepoint business. She opened a shop in Yorkville, in those days apparently it was a real hippie town, and with the knowledge of just one simple basic stitch she began teaching classes! I love that.

I try not to pick favourites with my clients but there's no question Elaine has won over a piece of my cold hard trainer heart. She's such a strong worker and a delight to be around. I am super proud to say that in our last session Elaine got in and out of a deep chair WITHOUT using her hands!!! YAYA!!! I am SO grateful she has come into my life and I can't wait until she gets back from Florida and we can get back to working out together. 

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Fitspiration: Music Maker

If you've come to my class before you know that I'm historically not huge on music. I figured people are paying to hear me scream at them, not madonna! 

:: Via ::

I believe it is SO important as a trainer to constantly be seeking evolution in your training methods, delivery and style. While I'll never be the teacher that does things to any kind of beat (mostly because I'd have no chance in following it) I do believe music is HUGE for motivation. One of my fitness goals this year is to learn how to incorporate it more without feeling like I'm competing with it. 

Here's what is at the top of my playlist right now:

  1. We Could Be Heroes - Alesso 
  2. Shot Me Down (Bang Bang) - David Guetta
  3. Uptown Funk -  Mark Ronson
  4. Sky Full of Starts (Hardwell Remix) - Coldplay
  5. Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn 
  6. Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande
  7. Jealous - Nick Jonas 
  8. Love Profusion - Madonna
  9. Upgrade You - Beyonce
  10. Not Even A King - Alicia Keys

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Athlete of the Month: Mary

This award is SO long overdue.

I would like to congratulate Mary on being November's athlete of the month!

I first met Mary four summers ago at Bod Squad FIRST generation! Right from our inaugural workout together I really liked Mary as a person. She's got a quiet yet friendly intelligent demeanour and a very sharp whit! 

To say Mary is keen participant would be an understatement! I could tell right from the very first few workouts that Mary is the kind of lady that once she signs up for something she doesn't go half way, she's all there 120%.

Through the years Mary has absolutely been interwoven into the Bod Squad family fabric. She's the person that her classmates will turn to if they need help translating some of my crazy exercises into english! Mary even helps me stay on top of things and reminds me what side is up next. 

When Mary was away last year due to illness Bod Squad just did not feel the same. She was absolutely missed and I am SO happy and proud to welcome her back stronger and better than ever. 

Just last week Mary NAILED double unders - a difficult jump rope task! And has been known to always reach for heavier weights - YES!!

She's been a dream to teach and I am looking forward to many more early mornings with Mary and her sidekick Kathy.

The Interview

You've been a Bod Squader from the very beginning!! What keeps you coming back?! 

I love the camaraderie of Bod Squad, the challenge of the work-outs, and of course the enthusiasm and dedication of our fearless leader.

What is your favourite exercise or favourite workout?  

The last one of the class! 

What has been your biggest motivator to stay fit and healthy?

Getting older (a bit!) and facing a serious health challenge reminds you of the importance of health and fitness.  Staying fit and being healthy enables your body to recover from trauma and helps your mind stay focused and positive. 

Favourite food?

Do crushed grapes count? A glass of wine at the end of a long day is pretty fabulous.  And cookies!

Future workout goals? 

To stay motivated, see incremental improvements, but most of all have fun.

Favourite part of Toronto?

The ravine behind my house - - and sitting in Kathy’s kitchen is also a fav place. 

Dream for Bod Squad future?

It is already pretty perfect.

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Fitbit Fitspiration

This week I was TOTALLY inspired by my fitbit.

I know I'm a bit behind the fitbit ball but here's the thing. I did get one for my birthday from Matt and then the very next day I broke my foot. We both decided that it would be better if he used it initially because the last thing I needed was another reminder that I wasn't moving.

I finally picked one up after months and decided to give it a go. It was simple to set up and I love that the battery lasts for almost five days!

I didn't read the manual I just got started. The first time it vibrated I thought it was broken. Then I realized it was just celebrating my goal of 10,000 steps a day. YAYA! Now every single time it hits the goal I get so excited and share with whoever is with me! 

I have added friends and the competitor in me loves to win. I've found myself walking places that I would have previously just driven to before just to get my steps in. Especially in the wintertime it's nice to have the motivation to actually walk places. It's fun to cheer on your friends - or taunt them! And you can set up mini contests in your circle.

So far I'm averaging just over 100,000 steps a week. My hope is to keep that going and to get more friends!! If you have a fitbit feel free to add me - Christie P. let's race!!

I have the flex model but I think I will upgrade to the surge soon because it has a built in watch.

Have a great weekend at holiday parties everyone!!

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Body by Iza

If you looked at my instagram feed it would be one part workout inspiration and six parts mini golden doodles. 

Seriously though how cute is this guy Broody Waffles?!

Ahhh I just want to play with this fluffy face all day. One day this will be our dog!! But not for a few years ... in the meantime instagram will have to do!

But back to the fitspiration! In the spirit of the Victoria Secret fashion show this Tuesday model Iza Goulart is my inspiration this week. Her instagram is one of my favourite fitness accounts. Her workout videos are always so creative and often give me inspiration for my own workouts. 

Iza does it all - runs, Pilates, yoga and weights. I love that even on a crazy busy schedule she makes her workouts happen everywhere. And they are seriously hardcore routines!! You can follow her also with the #bodybyiza. 

It is great to see a little bit behind the scenes to see what it takes to have an angel's body! It is nice to see that she's fit and strong - actually lifts weights larger than 1.3 lbs! 

I hope you all have a healthy and fit weekend! We are going condo hunting, celebrating my dad's birthday, to a documentary screening and to a condo warming - it's going to be jam packed with fun I can't wait!! Stay healthy!

Fitspiration: Packers Vs. Pats

This weekend will represent a HUGE turning point in our marriage. 

:: Gisele + Mini Brady Fan ::

Our teams are finally going head to head. Matt is a diehard Packers fan and I am a Tom Brady Gisele Patriots fan. It's going to be tense to say the least. I am SO excited for the showdown on Sunday!!

On a fitness level I have been so inspired by Gisele's instagram account. It's clear she is a yoga devotee - girlfriend WORKS for that billion dollar bod! I LOVE under armour's I WILL WHAT I WANT campaign. Very empowered messaging that the world around you will always be critical, complementary, constructive but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is what you take in. A Great message that I'm constantly reminding myself of. 

Wish us luck on Sunday!! Have a great weekend!

Fitspiration: Beyonce

This week I was sick for a bit which was a total bummer.

I pride myself on never, ever - ever getting sick... so when it happens I really don't take it well. In fact I even bragged in a post once about how I never get sick. When I do fall under the weather I usually push myself too hard too fast and end up getting laryngitis. For two days there I absolutely could not talk - which for some people around me must have been a nice change for once!

I get really hard on myself when I need to take time off from my clients and from my own workout schedule. I feel like I've let people down whenever I need to cancel sessions and It's just in my nature to want to move and be productive so when I can't do that I get sad.  

I came across this on pinterest and suddenly my spirits were lifted:

So true!

There's going to be times I'm sick for sure and at least I can tell myself now that at least I didn't break my foot again!

Plus I was able to get caught up on 24 and the Bachelor Canada - OMG I could not believe Tim's final pick. Funny story - Matt knew Tim pretty well in University. I've met him once and thought he was a nice guy. So when we found out he was the Bachelor we both started watching the show for the very first time. In the beginning I was soooooo bored, couldn't wait for the show to be over. But about 4 episodes in I became completely hooked - like yelling at the screen hooked. Anyway in the end the main thing is they look really happy together. Trish seemed pretty wonderful though, just saying.

I hope you all have a wonderful WARM weekend! Thanks for your great comments and interaction this week :o)!

Fitspiration: I RUN THIS BODY

I have been following mile posts on Instagram for awhile now and have totally been inspired by her marathon achievements, long run posts and the fact that she runs her body and her business with great success all at the time with three small kids! I LOVE her tagline - I RUN THIS BODY.

:: Dorothy Beal from Mile Posts ::

I went to her blog for the first time last week and felt an immediate a-ha connection with her after reading this post on marathon running and weight gain. As I've written about before I've been struggling to find a balance with running in my life lately. Running was my first fitness love, I found myself and great friendships in large part thanks to running. It taught me how to really push myself and it has made me a much more confident athlete and a stronger person. 

But I've also absolutely abused running. In the past I've looked to running as a way to fuel my binge eating habit. I figured that if I ran for 4 miles that's about 400 extra calories that I need so I deserve them in the form of a chocolate bar or anything "bad". That running meant that not only could I have chocolate but that I deserved it. And yes a healthy amount of chocolate is totally great and balanced ... but I'm not talking about a healthy amount!

Ironically the heaviest I've ever been in my life was the morning I ran my first and only marathon. I had just turned 18 and I weighed 151 lbs - a good 10-15 more than I am now. If they gave out gold medals for carbohydrate loading I would have won one home for sure! I took pasta eating training veryyy seriously!
I finished the race in a time of 3:53 (tying my dad's time to the minute - he ran when he was 26!) and said, "NEVER AGAIN. EVER." But now I wonder - what If I followed a proper nutrition plan that didn't consist of a daily pint of Haagen Dazs? What I I didn't look at running like a chore and more like a gift again. I think that if I ever decide to commit myself to a marathon again it will absolutely be with a new mindset and having fun will be my ultimate goal. 

Lately I've found interval running combined with bod squad style strength training has totally been my golden ticket. Whenever I run intervals I don't get the same depleted feeling that I used to after long runs. I'm energized after a workout and don't feel the need to completely sabotage myself with food.

It was great hearing that Dorothy from Mile Posts totally had a similar experience and has come back stronger than ever from it! She has run 27 marathons and shows zero signs of slowing down! I love her blog and I was totally inspired by it this week. Thank you Dorothy!

Fitspiration: Run the Night

The verrryyyyy early blackout nights here in Toronto right now can easily get a little depressing. Through the years I have always noticed the "November no-show" effect in my classes. But just because it is dark out does not mean life around us has to come to a halt. 

I was totally inspired this week by a New York running club - the Orchard Street Runners. Their whole motto is based around running just at night. They are a New York City run club that meets up every Tuesday night and together they run the city. Last year they hosted their first midnight half marathon. There is something very cool about the idea of a race in the middle of the night. 

This video actually made me want to wait to run at night! The thing that I've found about a late night workout is that 9/10 I really don't want to go at all. I'll get home, maybe have dinner and just want to chill out on the couch until bedtime. The thing that always gets me is just how amazing I feel after a late day workout. I leave feeling totally energized and satisfied. As much as I totally dread it right before the evenings just feel better after I've had a workout!

Remember safety first! Bring a cellphone, keep a careful eye and reflective clothing is critical. If you're a female running alone at night it is also a good idea to mix up your route, patterns make you a way easier target!

I'll admit running at night can be a little bit on the scary side ... but that's part of the thrill of it. Call me crazy but the feeling that you just might be chased at any moment is motivating! It's quiet. I usually run fast (or it feels faster at least!). And the city has a totally different energy. I like to stick to main streets - it's nice to not have to dodge many pedestrians! It is also a lot more fun to night run with a friend or run group.

If you have never gone on a night run before I highly recommend them. And now is the perfect time of year to try it out!


Sometimes I get a little excited about fitness goals and I just go full throttle.

I've been REALLY all about arm balancing lately. It's fun and I'm finally at a phase where I can do fun cool things on my hands and for a few weeks straight all I wanted to do was practice, practice, practice! 

I have a history with forearm injuries and if I'm not careful they will flare up again. It's happened in the past whenever I've tried adding in handstands to my workouts and normally I just take a few days off and my wrists feel better. This time I ignored the warning signs and just let them flare up. It got bad. I couldn't even do a plank for two weeks because my wrists were so tender.

I saw my sports doctor – Andrew Sullkowski on wednesday and he confirmed that I had no tendonitis and that I had in fact sprained my wrist. Bummer. But the good news is it is already feeling WAY better. Nothing like a little rest!

The lesson I'm learning and re-learning with this injury is that it is SO important to listen to your body at the first sign of pain. I think if I had listened to the warning signs would not have had this injury at all! One day I know I'll get to handstands and super cool arm balances but it doesn't have to happen all in one week … I guess that's part of what really makes them cool in the first place! I'm inspired to get better and get back upside-down soon.

Have a healthy and happy weekend!


This week I signed on an 89 year old client this week and I'm OBSESSED with her.

Here's the story. I got a call from Elaine on Wednesday – she left a voice mail saying she was interested in a personal trainer. I could tell from her voice that she was over 18 but had no idea what I was in for. I started to call her back to let her know that I was too busy and couldn't take on another client… then she told me she was 89! Wow! So impressive that she's calling me looking for a personal trainer. As soon as I heard that I knew that I needed to meet her. In University I took an exercise and aging class and really loved it so that was a good start off point for exercise ideas and plan development. Her goals are simple – she wants to improve her balance for the winter ahead and get in and out of chairs with more ease. SO great. SO inspiring… I hope I'll be calling trainers at 89.

We've had two sessions already and she's just the cutest little lady ever. I feel like I am her contemporary … Matt always calls me his little 80 year old. Love her.

She has inspired me SO much this week.

Over the weekend I'm going to check out my friend Garnet's new Body Art class tonight!! I've had a preview of this workout and it's SO cool – a mix of yoga, Pilates, dance-ish, sweaty, hot fun fun fun. You can find Garnet here! And information about the class and times here.

Have a great one!! 


Tonight marks the start of a six weekend Pilates reformer intensive training course in Port Credit. Yippie!! 

I took my Pilates mat teacher training last winter and now I am SO excited to finalize my reformer training with my friend and fellow Pilatesite Garnet. We are taking our training at Second Wind Pilates plus with Garnet's mat teacher trainer Danielle Belec. When I first met Garnet we quickly set up a Pilates playdate together. As a teacher he blew me away, I knew he had been trained incredibly well. Garnet has a sound understanding of the biomechanics of the body that I really had never seen before. I love the way he actually moves with his clients through their session. He is very hands on - like me - and I love that! Garnet raves about his teacher Danielle and I'm looking forward to meeting her later tonight. Together we will battle the GO train to Port Credit! I can't wait.


This week has been a busy one.


:: Date night on Wednesday ::

Because I will be away for all of August on our honeymoon this is wedding crunch time. My mom and I went to get a hair trial yesterday – see one of the options below. I bought a wedding dress (again) … I know, I'm THAT bride ahhhh!! More to come on that next week. I started That Clean Life Beach Body Plan and it has been amazing so far. My Pilates reformer course has been full-on and fascinating, looking forward to learning more tonight and all weekend. And the world cup of soccer starts soon! 

Here are a few things that inspired me this week:

:: Seriously loving That Clean Life Beach Body Plan – week one has been awesome and I can't wait to tell you all about my final results next week! ::

:: Watch for progress and celebrate the small steps, getting things right away really isn't that fun anyway – working for it and achieving it is 100x better ::

:: Bridal hair trial and my mom got one too!! ::

I hope you all had a great week!! Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you get to enjoy some sunshine!


:: Be a builder ::

I love this first quote. I feel like it embodies exactly what I've been trying to do for the last three years, build my own doors! My online blog, my grass door to the park, my borrowed door from totum. All of those doors certainly weren't opportunities that just jumped in front of me. Sometimes you just have to go for it. There will be no better opportunity for you then the one you handcraft for yourself. Builders get things done and I hope to keep on building!

Tonight is the Bod Squad celebration party and I am SO excited!! But I need to CLEAN and make food! Ekk!!! This is my third summer of Bod Squad and honestly it has been the best ever so far! I think all the people are just great and I can't wait to see everyone in something other than spandex today. If you're coming can't wait to see you soon!! If not, expect some fun updates on my instagram!

:: True ::

 :: This Instagram account for reformer inspiration ::