Organic Skin Like Whoa

My gorgeous (on the inside and out) girlfriend Aniela has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen.

:: My girl with GREAT skin Aniela + twins playing with pincha ::

It just glows.

I, on the other hand, have LONG struggled with my skincare regime. I have tried at least twenty different skin brands on my quest for better skin. Everything from fancy french hundred dollar creams to drugstore staples. Nothing was totally perfect. 

One day I couldn't stop gawking at Aniela's skin and she told me about this new Toronto skincare line called Essence Organics. For $31 I bought the moisturizer! A good deal and if it could help me get half the glow she's got I'd be a happy camper.

At first the oil format had me a little worried. My skin has a tendency to break out with heavy moisturizers and I didn't know how the oils would react. To my delight the product  glides on and feels glowy right away, never greasy. My first jar is completely empty and I will absolutely be going back for more!

I reached out to the owner of the company, David and was able to speak with him! In our conversation it was clear he is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people get great skin. David explained to me their three key points of difference:

1. All of their oils are organic
2. Their products never contain water. Water is often used as a filler and when there's water in a skincare product their usually also needs to be preservatives.
3. The amber jars are more expensive for them but they are critical for keeping the oils in an optimal state. 

That's why this product feels so great! It is by far my favourite skin system I have ever used. I recently bought the cleanser and also love it.

And even better news!! Beauty and the Bod readers are getting a discount! For the entire month with the code bod we will receive 15% off and any order over $50 will also receive free shipping! I will totally be taking advantage of this too!

This skincare line has remarkably improved my skin. I hope it does the same for you!

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