Laser Hair Removal with Emla

Hey Beauties and Bodies!!

So about 2 weeks ago now I bought a deal on teambuy – unlimited laser hair removal for one year.

I was a little skeptical of these websites but a friend of mine did it first and has had amazing results so I decided to give it a go.

One MASSIVE tip = EMLA Cream:


You have to purchase this cream over the counter. It will completely numb your skin. Completely.

It’s a little pricey $39 for 30g tube but you need a really tiny amount so this should last me at least the year.

Today was my first appointment. I decided to test the Emla so I only put it on the left side of my body. What a difference! I was sweating when the technician did the first non-emla side and completely fine on the pre-creamed side. Worked wonders. And yes, I’ll be treating myself to a full application next time!

Bottom line – if you’re spending the money to get laser go the extra mile and get the cream.