Our philosophy is simple: we do what we love and we BODlove what we do - and we want to help YOU! 

We really aren't into workout fads. We keep things simple here. And we love it like that. At BOD expect to be challenged, expect variety, expect exceptional quality from your BODmakers and expect to smile. We take our work seriously but don't forget to leave the fun out! We encourage our BODmembers to develop a movement practice that is diligent, sustainable, curious and compassionate. 

Our classes are small - capped at 12 - for a reason! We want you to get all the benefits of personal training with the added bonus of a BODsquad cheering you on too. We believe in proper exercise sequencing, we take things slow and steady - but don't let that fool you - we know how to take it up a notch too!

Come try us out !!